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Warner Bros ditches He-Man

In the midst of a massive re-organisation, Warners has decided to skip on funding and producing a new live-action version of Masters Of The Universe.

Despite the presence of mega-producer Joel Silver and some enthusiasm about re-igniting a popular toy franchise, the studio and rights holders Mattel just couldn't come to a compromise about the direction for the film.

Several drafts by different writers have been thrown into the development maw for He-Man, Skeletor and co, and while Silver is off the project, Kung Fu Panda director John Stevenson may still stay aboard.

And this definitely doesn't mean the end for Eternia on screen - since Warners let their option lapse, Mattel is free to take it around to other studios. Anyone want to guess who might want a piece of the action (figures)?

[Source: Variety ]

Do you think Mattel should just drop the idea? Or are you hankering for a new He-Man adventure?