Warhawk - updated hands-on

From on foot, to tank, to plane, such is life in a round of Warhawk, Incognito Studios’ upcoming remake of the classic fighter plane sim for the original PlayStation.

Now, it’s no secret there’s been a bit of controversy surrounding the launch of Warhawk. Remember E3 last year, where Sony used Warhawk as the ambassador of its tilt-sensitive Sixaxis controller for the PS3, only to see the game’s release date pushed back well past the PS3 launch? Or what about the umpteen board rumors flying around about no multiplayer or that there’ll be only 3 missions available?

Well, we’ve played it, we’ve talked to the Incognito peeps, and we can finally clear up any rumors regarding what’s fast becoming one of our favorite large-scale battlers around.

First and foremost, Warhawk will have NO single-player campaign, it will be multiplayer only. Yup.

After Tokyo Game Show 06, E3 and other testing times, Incognito felt the multiplayer was the real strength of the game, so they axed the single-player campaign totally. Frankly, we were as surprised to hear the news - after playing the demos at E3 and TGS, we were excited about taking on a monster big boss ship or flying raids through maze-like missions, so we were a little bummed. That was until we played the game.