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Warhawk - updated hands-on

War is hell. Dropping into the hot zone, we spawn with a knife and pistol and quickly race away on foot looking for a more powerful weapon. Let’s see - rifles, grenades - wait, how about a tank? Sounds good.

We hop in and take off and immediately have a bogie coming in at 1 o’clock, a lead-spitting warplane that dives down close trying to drop a truckload of mines on our head. We leap out of the tank double time, turning around to see it become a shrapnel-spewing fireworks display.

To even the score, we jump into a nearby plane, hover up into position and take off into an aerial battlefield bloated with dogfights. Almost at once, we have a missile locked on our tail. We yaw and roll out of the way, firing chaff to stop the missiles, and loop around to unload 3 rockets into the belly of the same sombitch who blew up our tank, blasting him onto another server.

We take out one more enemy fighter plane before we're blindsided by machine gun fire and rocket blasts and are quickly vaporized. We respawn on the ground, knife and pistol in hand, ready to start all over again.