Warhammer Online image horde

Friday 7 April 2006
After some vigorous and intensive frisking we've successfully retrieved a clutch of new images - craftily concealed within a dwarf's beard - from Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the recently announced MMORPG from developer Mythic Entertainment.

These latest shots show off two of the game's six playable races - the dwarves and the greenskins - and give a glimpse of some of the locations where warmongers will be able to explore and, of course, get down to the serious business of primitive, fantasy-flavoured barbarity.

Age of Reckoning, which is out for PC next year, promises war-a-plenty and an "innovative next-generation realm vs realm combat system". We're expecting the game to put in an appearance at E3 - our hammers are buffed and ready for brutality, so check back soon for a full battle report.