Warframe PS5 upgrades bring in new rendering tech and cross-gen play

(Image credit: Digital Extremes)

Warframe PS5 upgrades will bring in new rendering technology and faster loads even as they let you keep your progress and PS4 squad, though they won't be ready quite in time for launch.

Developer Digital Extremes finally broke its next-gen related silence with a post on the PlayStation Blog that lays out all the new benefits of playing Warframe on PS5, with an update currently set to arrive later this year. Warframe was a PS4 launch title, and though the game has grown and changed markedly since that humble debut, this will likely be its largest leap yet.

Digital Extremes says you can expect Warframe to run at up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. Lead producer Dave Kudirka went into more detail about how Warframe takes advantage of next-gen power.

"We’ve spent a significant amount of time and energy developing and testing our new enhanced renderer," Kudirka wrote. "This rendering technology allows us to create dramatic, dynamic lighting that follows the natural direction and strength of any given light source in an environment. You’ll see it in the muzzle flash of your Weapons firing, in the gleam of your Heavy Sword or in the beaming glow when casting your favorite Warframe’s Abilities."

You can also look forward to much shorter load times, especially when you're accessing open-world zones like the Plains of Eidolon or the newly added Cambion Drift. While Warframe is still split between console families, you'll be able to take your progress with you across PS4 and PS5, and party up with other players across the two systems.

Game director Steve Sinclair added on his Twitter account that PC players can start enjoying many of these graphical enhancements right now, if they have the hardware to support it.

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That said, you will need to play on PlayStation to get the new Warframe: PlayStation Plus Booster Pack. It's available right now for all PS Plus subscribers, and it includes a care package of credits, boosters, and a special Obsidian Sedai Syandana PlayStation customization that gives your Warframe a DualSense-themed future scarf.

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