Warframe cuts PS5 load times and gets an Xbox Series X version next month

(Image credit: Digital Extremes)

Warframe is taking its next leap into new-gen consoles in April, with its new update bringing a native version for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as well as improvements for the PS5 client.

While the PS5 version of Warframe arrived back in November, new-gen Xbox players have had to bide their time with backwards compatibility support for the Xbox One version. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S version will come to the game as part of Warframe Update 30 - your console should automatically install the correct version, thanks to the low-key magic of Xbox Smart Delivery.

PS5 players will see some improvements as well. Creative director Steve Sinclair revealed in the latest Warframe Devstream that PS5 load speeds will be cut down significantly in update 30, thanks to a bug discovered while working on a different version of the game.

"While working on one of the consoles, one of our engineers discovered that we had a very bad threading condition inside our memory allocator, and now load times are cut in half on PlayStation 5 with this next build," Sinclair explained. "So they were fast before, and now they're going to be dramatically faster. It's so exciting."

Digital Extremes doesn't have any specific release dates for Warframe Update 30 on each platform yet, but you can stay tuned to the official forum for more details.

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