Warehouse 13 Character To Appear In Alphas

So now Warehouse 13 , Alphas and Eureka all exist in a shared universe. And Summer Glau will be turning up in Alphas too!

Wagner has already appeared in four episodes of Warehouse 13 , playing the Warehouse’s go-to medical expert and Artie’s love interest. She’s not been a major character, so you can hardly accuse Syfy of a cynical marketing move; the network purely seems to be having fun with this cross-pollenisation. Warehouse 13 and Eureka have already had a number of high-profile crossovers, sharing guest characters and loaning out stars.

Interviewed by SciFiPulse.net , Wagner addressed the issue of the differing tones on the shows: “The fun kind of banter that dominates the dialogue on Warehouse really kind of only takes place between Artie and myself, but not when Dr Vanessa has been focused on something very serious. It didn’t seem odd or out of character for her to be serious the whole time on Alphas . It didn’t seem out of character at all. You’ll see when you see it. It is a more serious show and our scenes were pretty straight forward and serious because we were dealing with a real crisis that Dr Calder comes to. She is involved in helping with this odd situation before they figure it out.”

And with Chuck coming to an end next year, it seems like Alphas is keen to take inherit the mantle of “Show With The Most Sci-Fi Icon Guest Stars”. Not only is Wagner showing up in the coming weeks, but also Rebecca Mader ( Lost , No Ordinary Family ), Brent Spiner ( Star Trek: The Next Generation ) and – wait for it – Summer Glau ( Firefly , The Sarah Connor Chronicles , The Cape ). We think she’s going for some kind of record…

Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

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