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War Of The Worlds Competition

“Across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded this Earth with envious eyes, and slowly, and surely, they drew their plans against us…”

Liam Neeson, Gary Barlow, Maverick Sabre, Joss Stone, Alex Clare and Ricky Wilson head up an all-new "next generation” cast for a new recording of Jeff Wayne’s classic concept rock album The War Of The Worlds , originally released in 1978. It’s available to buy now, but you could win a copy along with a poster signed by Jeff Wayne himself.

Join The Resistance

#TheEveOfTheWar is a civilian-run Martian defence movement, seeking to warn the general public of impending Martian attack. Do your bit to help protect the Earth! More information can be found here:

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An all-new generation of actors and singers have re-recorded one of the most iconic albums of all time. Originally released in 1978, Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War of The Worlds remains an award-winning landmark masterpiece that has continually won new fans, spending over 330 weeks on the UK chart to date, reaching number one iin 11 countries and selling over 15 million copies.

This new version is available as a deluxe hardback 2CD album, digital download and special double vinyl (its original format) with lavish 52 page booklet and poster.

Oscar-nominated actor Liam Neeson and Take That main man Gary Barlow play the two key roles of The Journalist and The Sung Thoughts of The Journalist. Which means Barlow sings two of the album’s most famous songs – “The Eve of The War” and “Forever Autumn”. A life-long fan of the original album, he was most excited at the chance to appear on the new one, saying, “I've been a huge fan of The War Of The Worlds score since I was a kid, so to be asked to work with the legend that is Jeff Wayne was a real privilege."

Liam Neeson inherits his role from Richard Burton, whose voice is an abiding memory for a generation haunted by his album narration. While a hard act to follow, he definitely makes the role his own. “I knew and loved the book from when I was a teenager and it was an easy persuasion,” says Neeson. “And I bought the album in 1979 when I was working in Ireland. I still have that little cassette.”

Ricky Wilson, fresh from a world tour with the Kaiser Chiefs, takes over from David Essex as The Artilleryman. “Jeff Wayne’s The War Of The Worlds is part of the musical landscape and I have always been a fan. It is daunting to do because people love it so much. I got the email from Jeff Wayne inviting me to be part of it and that is not something you can say no to.”

Maverick Sabre and Joss Stone perform “The Spirit Of Man” while hot new talent, Alex Clare, following his breakout hit “Too Close”, takes over as The Voice of Humanity.

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