War Front strategy guide - German campaign

Head back to the Parliament to destroy the British bunker there and claim an objective, but be aware that almost as soon as this happens the Allies will counterattack in both the spot we mentioned earlier and over the bridge from the east. As soon as Hardt tells Hellmann to look into the sky (a Giant Zeppelin is arriving!), send him and his tanks to join the others you left to guard the area; you should decimate the British tanks pouring in from the west with few or no losses.

Head due east from this point and wipe out a few British soldiers, then rush immediately back to the Parliament area and take out a probing assault consisting of British armor (including Bofors targeting the Giant Zeppelin) and infantry. By now you’ll probably have lost a few tanks, so have the Tank Factory construct a few more Panthers to bring your army up to its maximum level.

Reinforcements will arrive at the southwest corner of the map to join up with Hardt’s Giant Zeppelin to attack the British base in the northwest corner of the map. Advance directly north from the Parliament area to discover a British Barracks, guarded by a Pillbox. Smash it before moving onto the closest east-west street (not the street with the red circles indicating the suspicious British truck movements.) After defeating a relatively small British contingent, take your forces to investigate the mysterious activity. New objectives will appear on your map: a British Convoy is moving in from the north in an effort to exit via the east side of the city. To stop them, form up your Panthers and any soldiers you have in a semi-circle, blocking their path onto the east-west road out of the city.