War Front strategy guide - German campaign

German Mission 6: Aggressive Diplomacy

The destruction of the hidden Nazi base has obliterated the last remnants of the dictatorship that pushed Germany to the brink of extinction. As the Germans, Americans, British, and Russians gather in Berlin to sign a peace treaty bringing an official end to all hostilities, the German people look forward to a new day.

But those dreams are shattered by a sound all Berliners prayed they would never hear: the heavy thud of Russian bombs. Knowing the Allies and the Germans have let down their guard momentarily, the ruthless dictator has launched a surprise attack with the goal of engulfing Germany behind a giant, impenetrable iron curtain.

Whatever their differences may be, the Allies now have only one goal: the defeat of Stalin and the end of Soviet conquests.

Primary Objectives

  • Bring the German Delegation to Safety
  • Rescue the British Delegation
  • Destroy the Soviet Military Base

Secondary Objectives

  • Clear the Area Around the Reichstag
  • Destroy the Supply Column

Secret Goals

  • Secure the K%26ouml;nigsplatz

Key Tactics and Battle Tips

  • Divert Panzerfausts created by Preiss%26rsquo; Reinforcement Skill to assist the British
  • Send the American reinforcements to the British via the shortest route possible
  • Use buildings to force the Russian convoy to emerge one at a time
  • Clear all the tanks from the K%26ouml;nigsplatz