War Front strategy guide - German campaign

German Mission 7: Clash of Nations

Hellmann and the Allied forces have managed to stamp out the last Russian in Berlin, but elsewhere the fight rages on. Hardt has assigned Hellmann the task of eliminating a huge Soviet base north of the Oder, while Lynch must cross the river and destroy another base in the south. But Lynch is pinned down a large German base south of Hellmann’s position, and Hellmann’s target is protected by a line of seven defensive bunkers.

Primary Objectives

  • Defeat the Northeaster Soviet Base
  • Stop the Super-Tank Battalion
  • End the Blockade

Secondary Objectives

  • Destroy the Defense Line
  • Get the Wrecked Super-Tank

Key Tactics and Battle Tips

  • Preiss is perfect for guarding primary base
  • Produce Wurfrahmen to act as sentries on the eastern flank of your base
  • Use Core Units backed by Wurfrahmen to destroy bunkers and capture the Soviet base blocking Lynch%26rsquo;s advance
  • Only a German Repair Truck can fix the damaged Kharkov