Want to check out Dying Light: Bad Blood early? You'd better sign up for the PC playtest soon

A guy gets dropkicked in Dying Light: Bad Blood.

If you want to try out Dying Light: Bad Blood, the battle royale game built on the zombie-killing parkour fundamentals of Dying Light, you have just a little bit more time to get into its first global playtest. Developer Techland revealed that potential players have until 1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT / 9 pm BST on Wednesday, August 22 to sign up for guaranteed access to the playtest on PC. Well, some of it, anyway.

The global playtest will be conducted in two phases: the first phase, from August 25 to 26, will only invite in a select number of registrants. This is where Techland will make sure the game is stable and working on a limited scale. Then everybody who signed up in time will be eligible to play in the second phase from September 1 to 2. You do have to sign up ahead of time to get in, though, so make sure you head to the official site and do so ASAP (you'll need a Techland Account, which you may already have if you played the original Dying Light).

A fatal confrontation between melee and ranged in Dying Light: Bad Blood.

Bad Blood will be its own separate product from both Dying Light and the upcoming Dying Light 2. Eschewing the massive player counts and strict PvP nature of games like Fortnite, it sets just 12 players loose in a zombie-infested city. Savvy survivors will seek out supply caches for new gear and take out zombie hives to level up their character's abilities, all while traversing the city with Dying Light's trademark parkour.

However you play, your ultimate objective is to be the last one alive to grab a rescue helicopter out of the city. That could mean finding big guns and going Rambo on the rest of the players... or hiding and rooftop running long enough to dropkick the only other survivor to their doom. Dying Light: Bad Blood will eventually be free-to-play, though it will be available in Steam Early Access before then for players who pick up a Founder's Pack.

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