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Want The Coolest Costume This Halloween, Thanks To True Blood?

HBO is giving away seven, genuine, bloodspattered True Blood costumes in a sweepstakes

Want to be the best dressed person this Halloween. Then here’s your chance to be a symphony in blood. True Blood , that is.

The HBO UK store is giving away seven genuine, blood-spattered costumes from the show is a sweepstakes.

Prizes include:

  • Bill's T-shirt (Episode 101)
  • Sookie's Bloody Merlotte's T-shirt (Episode 102)
  • Maryann's Wedding Gown (Episode 212)
  • Eric's Bloody Graphic T-shirt (Episode 303)
  • Franklin's Bloody Silk "Russell Edgington" Pajamas (Episode 305)
  • Tara's Bloody Victorian Nightgown (Episode 305)
  • Lorena's Bloody White Rufflefront Dress (Episode 308)

Just pop along the HBO Store before 14 October to enter and be in with a chance of winning.