WandaVision post-credits scene has Marvel fans thinking a major villain could return

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As far as we know, there are no strings on White Vision, the ‘new’ Vision introduced in the WandaVision episode 8 post-credits scene. Eagle-eyed Marvel fans, though, have spotted a strikingly similarity between White Vision and a major MCU villain that should worry Hayward and the rest of his SWORD puppetmasters.

Upon White Vision’s activation in the penultimate episode’s mid-credits sequence, the washed-out synthezoid moves his left hand and pays surprisingly close attention to it.

As pointed out on Reddit by u/ScaryIsGood, Ultron – who created Vision thanks to the Mind Stone – is missing his left arm during the Big Bad’s final scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Cue dramatic music.

I rewatched Age of Ultron today and noticed something about Ultron’s final scene. Apologies if someone else already posted something like this! from r/marvelstudios

Coincidence? Possibly. But with Marvel Studios’ knack for scattering breadcrumbs throughout WandaVision (including a costume-based clue hinting at a villain in plain sight), we can’t discount the possibility that this White Vision has remnants of Ultron leftover within his circuitry. It has Redditors speculating in their droves, too, about a return for the James Spader-voiced AI – especially given the focus on the left arm (or lack thereof).

At the very least, it could be seen neat nod to a movie in Age of Ultron that is more relevant now than it has been, arguably, since its release. WandaVision’s flashbacks to the period helped cement Wanda and Vision’s love story through a series of touching scenes.

But, if this fan theory holds any weight, Pietro’s murderer could be heading to Westview for one last showdown with Wanda – using the body of the android she has tried so hard to bring back.

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