WandaVision theories: Every Westview character who might have links to the comics

WandaVision Westview
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What’s going on with the folks in Westview? WandaVision episode 4 has seemingly revealed the identity of some, while also refusing to fill in the blanks on a few of the more shadowy residents. Below, we’ll reveal which ‘real’ Westview residents are which, while also cluing you into some of the juicier theories around characters such as Agnes and even cutesy bunny Senor Scratchy. 

Plus, we’ll dig a little deeper to see if they have any ties to Marvel’s comics – and what that all could mean for WandaVision moving forward. Because, with Eastview still lingering around and a case of amnesia spreading like wildfire, these people might not even be who SWORD thinks they are. Confused? Let's dive into it.

Of course, possible spoilers for WandaVision may follow. For more WandaVision, check out the hidden message behind each of the show’s commercials (so far).


WandaVision Agnes

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Real identity: Currently unknown

Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) is the archetypical sitcom nosy neighbour, but one that could be hiding a big secret. Common consensus on social media and message boards is that Agnes is actually Agatha Harkness, a sorceress whose history can be charted all the way back to the Salem Witch trials in the 17th Century.

This isn’t a theory pulled out of thin air, either. Throughout each of WandaVision’s episodes (as of writing), Agnes can be seen wearing a peculiar brooch, either pinned to her lapel or round her neck. That’s very similar to Agatha Harkness’ own brooch in the comics.

Agatha even has history with Wanda in the comics – and it’s thankfully a more benevolent one than Agnes’ muted conversation with Herb in the third episode might have you believe. After Mephisto (more on him in a moment) absorbed Wanda’s children – long story – Agatha wiped Wanda’s memory so she wouldn’t have to remember such a grave loss. Harkness also later helped mentor Wanda. Think the Magic Circle with a few more covens and you’re on the right track.


WandaVision release schedule

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Real identity: Currently unknown

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist. Even Marvel is feeding into that idea, with Agnes’ unseen husband, Ralph, potentially pulling the strings in the shadows as Mephisto, Marvel’s answer to the devil.

There isn’t too much to back up this theory so far, but there are a handful of clues and possible insider scoops that back it up. The second episode features Westview resident Bev pointedly telling Agnes “The devil’s in the details.” Her reply? “That’s not the only place.”

Later, in the third episode, Agnes cracks a joke that her husband “looks better in the dark.” Who else but Marvel’s version of Satan would look better surrounded by eternal nothingness? Plus, if we want to really pull at straws, Ralph isn’t a million miles away from ‘Meph’ in the same way Agnes and Agatha are fairly analogous names by design. Noted insider Roger Wardell has even suggested Mephisto is going to be one of the show's main villains, alongside someone seen in the opening credits.

There’s every chance, then, that Wanda might have struck a deal with the devil himself to bring back the deceased Vision, as well as giving up part of her soul – as she did in the comics – so she could give birth to Billy and Tommy.


WandaVision Herb and Agnes

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Real identity: "John Collins"

Unlike most of those residing in Westview, Herb doesn’t appear to have as many ties to the comics. While he was seen whispering to Agnes in the third episode – and could then very well have a larger role to play – there is nothing that stands out about the concrete-cutting neighbour Wanda and Vision.

However, there is an outside chance that he could be Marvel’s most famous (and, frankly, only) Herb, Herbert Wyndham – otherwise known as The High Evolutionary.

The High Evolutionary, thanks to exposure to an Evolutionary Accelerator of his own design, was able to evolve and rapidly increase his powers of intelligence and physical prowess. In the comics, he also has history with Wanda and Pietro, delivering them to their foster parents. Interestingly, he also once created a ‘Counter Earth’. Given the false world Wanda in inhabiting, it wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest Herb had a part to play in putting all together.

Phil Jones

WandaVision Phil Jones

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Real name: "Harold Copter"

With apologies to the Phil Joneses of the world, it’s not a name that immediately jumps out at you as being one that has ties to the weird and wonderful world of Marvel. However, there is a Phil Jones present in the comics. While he doesn’t have any superpowers himself, it’s his ties that bind him to an even greater theory.

In WandaVision, Phil Jones is married to Dottie. In the comics, he’s married to Arcanna (aka Moonglow), a magical member of the arcane crimefighting squad, the Squadron Supreme. Given that “Phil Jones” is the only full name from Westview explicitly mentioned in the credits, there stands every chance that their partnership is one pulled straight from the comics.


Dottie in WandaVision

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Real identity: Unknown

Dottie has been the subject of much speculation so far. She could be another candidate for Mephisto – especially as “her roses bloom under the penalty of death” is a certifiably ominous line – while another theory on Reddit reckons she’s actually Clea, a sorceress who would go on to marry Doctor Strange in the comics.

While it could feasibly be either, such is the scope for strangeness in a show such as WandaVision, it’s her marriage to Phil Jones that could hint at her identity. If she is Arcanna/Moonglow, it would appear that several superheroes and sorcerers with the power to use magic are either aiding or against Wanda within the fictional world of Westview.

This could even be way for the MCU to slowly integrate the use of magic more and more. Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness is just around the corner in 2022, and if someone in the Squadron Supreme is introduced now, the two could line up nicely for some parallel universe shenanigans next year.

Senor Scratchy

WandaVision senor scratchy

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Real identity: Unknown

We promised a bunny. And here it is. By now, you’re probably noticing a pattern: Westview is filled with more magicians than a disappointed child’s birthday party. That even extends to the fluffiest member of the sleepy suburb, the rabbit given to Wanda by Agnes for use in the talent show in episode 2.

Senor Scratchy, as one theory suggests (H/T Looper), could actually be Nicholas Scratch, the magical son of Agatha Harkness and frequent collaborator of Mephisto. Marvel Studios has clearly been very deliberate in its choice of names thus far – and Senor Scratchy’s moniker raises enough eyebrows that a connection to an underused villain from Marvel’s past.

The twins

WandaVision twins Wiccan Speed

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Finally, we couldn’t leave out the two new arrivals, could we? They could even be among the most important characters in the show – especially given their ties to the comics.

In Wandavision’s third episode, Wanda gives birth to twins Tommy and Billy. In the comics, she also gives birth to a pair of boys with the same them. There, they grow up into superheroes (and New Avengers team members) Wiccan and Speed. Given how time is accelerating at a rapid rate in Westview, don’t be surprised to see them stand on their own two feet sooner rather than later.

Westview’s secrets are being kept under wraps for now – but not everything on the show is an unknowable mystery. Find out when the next episode drops with the WandaVision release schedule.

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