WandaVision episode 4 will answer some of the Marvel show’s mystery, hints Elizabeth Olsen

WandaVision episode 4
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WandaVision episode 4 sounds like it’s going to start unlocking some of the show’s biggest mysteries. Star Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda/Scarlet Witch in the Marvel series, has teased a big “shift” in understanding during the new episode.

With media outlets only being given the first three episodes ahead of time, Olsen explained that piecemeal coverage before WandaVision episode 4 was very much done by design (via Digital Spy).

WandaVision episode 4 preview: Elizabeth Olsen on the new episode

WandaVision episode 4

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“I think the reason why they show the press the first episodes is because episode 4 is quite a shift. It's a really fun perspective swap and I think a lot gets understood at that moment,” Olsen said.

That’s a surprising, if essential, admission from Olsen under the usually secretive Marvel Studios umbrella. Much of the first three episodes has revolved around the sitcom setup, with WandaVision only deviating from that on a few occasions.

First, there was the toy helicopter and the beekeeper, potentially both part of the mysterious SWORD organization. The voice on the radio in the second episode also helped connect the show to the MCU-at-large. That’s not even taking into account the WandaVision commercials that are seemingly hiding a secret Wanda-related message. Combine all that with the mind-warp of the WandaVision episode 3 ending that saw Monica Rambeau thrown out of Westview and the birth of Wanda’s children, and things are tantalisingly set up for some serious answers in the coming weeks.

Those answers, it seems, are coming in WandaVision episode 4. Find out what that episode drops with the WandaVision release schedule.

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