WandaVision episode 3 ending explained: who are the twins and what happened to Monica?

WandaVision episode 3 ending
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Warning: the following contains major spoilers for the WandaVision episode 3 ending. Make sure you have seen the new episode on Disney Plus before reading on...

The WandaVision episode 3 ending has suddenly changed how we view the show. Of course, we knew Westview was hiding secrets upon secrets, but we didn’t expect to be pushed back into the MCU proper quite so suddenly (and violently).

By the episode’s closing moments, several paradigm shifts have occurred: Wanda has given birth to twins, while Geraldine has been revealed as a member of a mystery organisation, presumably SWORD. 

Unfortunately for Geraldine – who has been confirmed to be the plucky kid, Monica Rambeau, from Captain Marvel all grown up – she’s now found herself outside of the sitcom-based scenario of WandaVision and back in the real world.

So, what next? And why is the WandaVision episode 3 ending so important? Let’s break down all the big mysteries – and provide some answers to this week’s biggest head-scratchers.

WandaVision episode 3 ending: What happened to Geraldine/Monica Rambeau and where is she now?

WandaVision Monica Rambeau

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Undoubtedly the biggest talking point, besides the dual bundles of joy, is Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris, who was called ‘Geraldine’ in the show’s second episode) being sent packing from Westview in a very unique fashion.

No, she isn’t simply asked to leave town. After she brings up Wanda’s brother Pietro one too many times, she’s forcibly removed from the sitcom world and finds herself in a large open area. There, she’s surrounded by helicopters and incoming military personnel outside of a billboard that says “Westview.”

Now, it seems, Monica is back at a SWORD base – and it breathes new life into the theories behind the toy helicopter and beekeeper seen in the second episode. For one thing, a helicopter spotlight is seen circling Monica after she is pulled through the forcefield. Could SWORD have tried to get in and out of whatever is surrounding “Westview” using a helicopter?

It’s worth mentioning, in case you haven’t followed the handful of reports leading up to WandaVision’s release, that ‘Geraldine’ is Monica Rambeau. The show might not have confirmed it officially yet but, like Jimmy Woo’s voice on the radio, the character is listed in the foreign credits as ‘Monica Rambeau.’

But is she part of SWORD? The sword necklace she’s wearing certainly points to it, though Monica seemingly had trouble keeping several sides of her story straight when mentioning Ultron killing Pietro. Has the make-believe world affected her mind too? So many questions, and such a long wait until next week’s episode. Still, we now know who Geraldine is and probably who she’s working for. The next big step is what she has planned next.

Who are Wanda’s children? Wiccan and Speed Easter eggs explained

WandaVision twins Wiccan Speed

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Wanda gave birth to twins after a swift pregnancy that rattled through trimesters in under 20 minutes. Interestingly, the two boys (Thomas and Billy) have roots in the comics – that could hint at a superpowered origin, or merely be a nod and a tribute to Wanda and Vision’s comic book history.

In the comics, Scarlet Witch married Vision and they had two children, Thomas and William. They would grow up to become superheroes (and Young Avengers members) Speed and Wiccan respectively. Given how much the show has hit fast-forward with Wanda so far, there’s every chance we could see them all grown up – with superpowers – in future episodes. So, if two new superheroes suddenly appear in the MCU, you’ll know why. This is the starting point.

What were Herb and Agnes talking about?

WandaVision Herb and Agnes

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Something strange is afoot in Westview. Herb’s tool malfunction earlier in the episode may have been the strongest signal yet that the suburban sheen is starting to wear off, but his hushed conversation with Agnes may hint at something far grander.

Thanks to subtitles, we actually know what they were saying to each other as Vision approaches in the episode’s final act.

Agnes asks Herb if he saw Wanda go inside the house, while also mentioning her surprise pregnancy. Herb also nearly drops the ball by saying to Vision by revealing a big secret, but he is cut off by Agnes. He says they’re all… something. Hostages? Villains? The product of Wanda’s imagination? The devil is in the details, but Marvel isn’t giving the game away just yet.

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