Wall Street 2?

While giving an interview to IESB to promote his new Secret Service heart-thumper The Sentinel, Michael Douglas let it slip that a return to Wall Street might be on the cards.

Mr Zeta-Jones was asked, in the light of Basic Instinct 2, are there any roles he would like to go back and have another crack at?

“I’m always nervous of making sequels,” Douglas stated. "We’re having some discussions on Wall Street. Oliver Stone’s producer is working on a remake of that and we’ll see how the script is.”

Now, we take it that MD was having a senior moment when he used the word ‘remake’ – because if Tinseltown is re-hashing ‘80s movies already then surely we should all just give up now.

Douglas also revealed his reasons behind leaping onboard The Sentinel - a flick that sees him play a disgraced Secret Service agent who tries to halt a conspiracy to assassinate the President.

“I like dark roles. I tend to like flawed characters who’ve made some mistakes. Pete Garrison is a career officer who took the bullet for President Reagan but he’s a bit of a renegade at heart.”

Helmed by SWAT lenser Clark Johnson, the movie also stars 24's Kiefer Sutherland and Kim Basinger and is heading for these shores in September.

Source: ( IESB (opens in new tab) )

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