The Walking Dead: World Beyond trailer teases a bloody, YA, zombie-infested adventure

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There was a lot of Walking Dead news revealed at Comic-Con. First, we got a Fear the Walking Dead release date. Then an extension of The Walking Dead season 10. And, in a third panel, we got a The Walking Dead: World Beyond trailer. 

The series centres on two sisters, Alexa Mansour's Hope and Hal Cumpston's Silas, who leave the safety of their refuge state and decide to go out into the wider, zombie-infested world. To say that sounds like a silly idea is an understatement. But, as the trailer makes clear, there's a lot of angst about not seeing and helping the world outside their encampment. Watch the trailer below.

Scott Gimple was on hand at Comic-Con 2020 to talk about the upcoming show: "Rick woke up after a two-week coma to find the world had changed. These two sisters don't wake up from a coma: they wake up from the way they were looking at life, and they go out in the world and find a new world.

"They've been living in the world but under first-world conditions. So they leave that safety to do something heroic. The thing that [all the Walking Dead series] have in common is bad things happen. Yes, they are horrible. But the basis of that is that love exists. In the Walking Dead, love exists, and that 's what hurts."

The Walking Dead: World Beyond begins at the new date of October 4, coming directly after the delayed The Walking Dead season 10 finale. New episodes will air weekly after new episodes of Fear the Walking Dead, which starts on October 11. That's a lot of Walking Dead! For more on Comic-Con, check out our round-up here.

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