New Walking Dead trailer suggests Negan is joining the Whisperers

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead season 10, episode 5 gave us a back-to-basics Negan, complete with trademark shit-eating grin and Lucille by his side. As revealed by the new Walking Dead trailer, it appears he’s going in a deadly new direction for his next step away from Alexandria. Knowing Negan, though, his pact with the Whisperers will likely be temporary – one way or the other.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s bat-swinging character struck out last week after he was betrayed by a former follower of the Saviors. This leads him into the arms of the Whisperers. Beta firmly states “he can’t be trusted,” but, instead of dealing with him, Alpha chooses to step up an unknown test for the escaped prisoner.

Negan isn’t the only focus in the 30-second trailer for The Walking Dead season 10’s sixth episode. Daryl and Carol will also be teaming up to bring the fight to the Whisperers, while the mysterious voice heard on the radio in The Walking Dead season 9 finale also crackles back to life.

“Alpha’s horde… we’re going to find it and we’re going to destroy it,” Carol tells Daryl. Judging by the increased focus on the ever-popular pairing, it looks as if the duo will spend an extended amount of time together this week. While showrunner Angela Kang recently admitted, “there’s a lot of fans that hope for something more [between Carol and Daryl],” they firmly remain “best friends.” Sorry, ‘Caryl’ shippers!

As for the radio? The voice sounds a little different to the one heard in the dying seconds of last season, though it’s reason enough to tune in – you never know who is going to be on the other end of the line.

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