Waiting for Diablo 4? Try this 'eastpunk' RPG inspired by the best game in the series

(Image credit: Andrew Teo, Adam Teo / AT-AT Games)

Waiting for Diablo 4? Ghostlore is a new 'eastpunk' RPG that's been inspired by the best game in the series – so it just may scratch that issue whilst we count down to Diablo 4's launch on June 6.

Self-described as an 'Eastpunk' action RPG "where you fight monsters from Southeast-Asian folklore", Ghostlore is inspired by timeless classic ARPGs such as Diablo 2 and Titan Quest and "features a detailed item and character customization system, procedurally generated maps, and awesome 90's retro graphics".

It also features four-player local co-op multiplayer, Steam workshop support, and an optional asynchronous multiplayer feature which permits you to send other players by sending them equipment. 

Called the Shrine of Balance, you can gift items to other players and in return, you'll find you have "better chances for good loot" when your recipients use that equipment. 

The Shrine of Spirits, on the other hand, is another asynchronous online mechanic where a "snapshot" of another player's character, called Ghost Data, can be summoned into your game to help out as a friendly NPC.

While we're on the subject of Diablo 4 – did you see that Diablo 4 plans to immortalize the first 1000 players to hit the level cap… but some players are concerned that this will give streamers and reviewers "an unfair advantage"?

The race - which invites players to "cheat death" and fight to be one of the first 1000 players to hit the level 100 cap - kicks off on June 1. The first 1000 players to reach the cap will have their username "immortalized on a statue of Lilith". 

But some fans have taken to the Diablo 4 subreddit and social media to complain that even with the reset, some players will have an "extreme unfair advantage" because even if their data is deleted, the player "who already know[s] everything about bosses, acts and how to gear and level will have an advantage over [a] player who never done it".

Here are some games like Diablo to play until Diablo 4 launches on June 6.

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