Voice of Duke Nukem defends Duke Nukem Forever

The critics have not been kind to Duke Nukem. More specifically, a majority of reviewers have panned his latest appearance in Duke Nukem Forever; a game currently fetching anaverage score of 49(out of 100) on the review aggregate site Metacritic. In defense of Gearbox's Duke Nukem revival, the voice ofMr.Nukem himself, Jon St John, recently offered his own mini-review, delivering a subtle jab to the game's harshest critics in the process.

"I have no comments regarding bad reviews by clueless critics," hetold TheJoyPads, immediately commenting, "They seem to want to compare Duke Nukem Forever to Call Of Duty and other FPS' and they are missing the point. My thoughts about Duke Nukem Forever: It freakin' rocks! Lots of action, lots of fun, sexy, funny, irreverent... It's everything I hoped it would be."

Fair enough - you can'tblame a guy for standing up for his project. You can, however, stare disapprovingly atthe founder of The Redner Company, on 2K's PR outlets who recently threatened critics on Twitter, writing, “Too many went too far with their reviews...we are reviewing who gets games next time and who doesn’t based on today’s venom ...Bad scores are fine. Venom filled reviews… that’s completely different.”

Themessage was deleted shortly after it was spotted by the gaming press, and 2K Games was quick to make it clear The Redner Group would no longer be representing its games.

As for Duke Nukem Forever developer Gearbox , studio head Randy Pitchford perhaps summed up the whole review rowbest when he tweeted: “With sales data, It seems like *customers* love Duke. I guess sometimes we want greasy hamburgers instead of caviar...”

GamesRadar wasn’t exactly thrilled with Duke Nukem Forever. We stand by every word in ourreview, which awarded the return of the Duke with a “Decent” six-out-of-ten score. According to Senior Editor Mikel Reparaz, “Duke Nukem Forever’s world-record development time has produced an ugly, buggy shooter that veers back and forth between enjoyably average and outright boring, with occasional surges of greatness along the way.” Let us know if you side with Jon St John and Pitchford or tend to agree with the 'clueless critics'.


Jun 17, 2011

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