Viva Pinata: The real-life romance dance

Sept 13, 2007

Seems like it's not just Viva Pinata's colourful residents that are inclined to a bit of sweet, music-making romance - a Florida-based gamer has proposed to his girlfriend using Pinata Island's postal service.

The love-struck gamer (gamer tag 'Procrasturbate') selflessly sent the lady of his dreams the only diamond he'd ever procured from his Pinata patch, along with the message "Will you marry me?" inside one of Fanny Franker's postal crates.

As Procrasturbate explains on thePinataIsland forums, his soon-to-be-better-half thought he was pulling her Juicygoose: "When she got it (across the room on the other TV) she giggled and said I was silly. Then I pulled out the real deal, got on a knee and started getting cried upon. She said yes, so next spring we are getting married!"

Oh, the romance. Viva love!

Above: The message, the crate and the diamond

Matt Cundy
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