Virtua Fighter 5 fights back with more features

More details about white-hot arcade and PlayStation 3 fighting game Virtua Fighter 5 have hit the web, thanks to our sister siteNext Generation.

In a report posted today, Japan correspondent Tim Rogers lays down exciting new info gleaned from top Japanese mag Famitsu and his own play experiences. In arcades, the game features HD displays for each player, as well as a personal card system that allows you to save your player character, along with your win-loss record and your personal options - you can customize your fighter's look with clothing and accessories, and even edit his or her entrance sequence.

In addition, replays of matches can be uploaded to the game's official website; there seems to be no reason why that feature couldn't make the home version of the game as well.

For more details on Virtua Fighter 5 and other hot bits of gaming info fresh from the streets of Japan, just head over toNext Gen's storyfor the latest.

June 23, 2006