Viewtiful Joe successor to be PS2 exclusive

Capcom's Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the man behind superb Gamecube quirk-'em-up Viewtiful Joe, has revealed that his next game will be called Panic Maker and that it will be released exclusively on PS2.

Kobayashi - who, aside from Viewtiful Joe, has also worked on the Resident Evil series and Devil May Cry - is currently beavering away on the game in time for a summer release in Japan. Little is known about the title at present other than the fact that it purports to be an amusing action-adventure based around Earth being invaded by a clutch of aliens.

Viewtiful Joe was one of our favourite Cube games last year and , calling it "an entertaining splash of eye-exploding colour in a sea of bland videogames". So if Panic Maker can do for PS2 what Joe did for Gamecube, we should be in for a treat. We hope to have the first screenshots in the near future.