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Video: designing the Xbox One controller

Microsoft has released a new video focused on the design process behind the Xbox One controller. The firm says it conducted 20 research studies globally with more than 500 participants in a bid to validate proposed improvements to the Xbox 360 pad. It settled on the final design, which it claims introduces over 40 technology innovations, after creating 200 prototypes.

Xbox Accessories general manager Zulfi Alam, who features in the video above, told CVG in a new interview that Microsoft spent an eye-watering amount of cash developing the controller. "The investments in redesigning a controller go into the hundreds of millions of dollars in tooling and R&D costs. Bearing in mind we started with something that people considered best-in-class, the pressure to do it right again was tremendous. Honestly, some of us felt like we were putting our career on the line. We were afraid we were going to burn through $100 million and come back with an under-developed controller."

Alam added: "The final Xbox One controller may not look different on the outside, but inside it's remarkably different.” Watch the video to find out how and get our hands-on impressions of the pad in this preview.

Last week, Microsoft released the first Xbox One unboxing video, in which it confirmed that it had reversed its decision not to bundle a headset with every console. Xbox One will be available in 21 markets this November. The Xbox One price has been set at £430/$500.