Vera Farmiga joins Up In The Air

The Departed’s Vera Farmiga has joined the cast of Jason Reitman’s new film, Up In The Air, agreeing to co-star alongside George Clooney.

Variety reports that Farmiga will play a businesswoman who meets up strikes up a relationship with Clooney forged from meetings in airports and hotels around the US.

Why the patchwork romance? Air’s plot, adapted by the Juno director from Walter Kirn’s novel sees Clooney’s human resources exec doggedly pursuing his millionth frequent flyer mile, only to have his life fall apart around him.

Anna Kendrick

Farmiga’s casting comes on the heels of word that Twilight ’s Anna Kendrick has nabbed another big female role in the film.

Reitman is scheduled to start shooting this coming February in St Louis, Miami and Las Vegas.