Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Special Report (Day 1)

Wood Elves are among the most prominent races on Kojan... and the only Elves that will get it on with humans

This content features an Asian-themed flavor, with architecture resembling that found in the Far East. Little is known about this third continent, but that only serves to give it a mysterious feel.

  • Kojani - Little is known of the Asian-looking Kojani, but it is believed that their young adventurers begin in the city of Tamvu.
  • Halve-Elves - Spawned from Human and Wood Elf couplings, these hybrids are thought to be among the only common combination of Elf and Human blood.
  • Wood Elves - Living in the canopies of Kojan, the Wood Elves have built a city among the treetops thought to be called Caial Brael.
  • Raki - Beyond being identified as fox-like humanoids, very little is known about this mysterious race.
  • Goblins - Predominantly servants to their Orc overlords, the green-skinned Goblins are frequently called evil due to their participation in the Orc War.
  • Orcs - A burly and tough race, the Orcs dominate the smaller Goblins. Although infamous for leading a massive assault on Thestrans, the politics of the Kojani Orcs are as yet unknown.