Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Special Report (Day 1)

Thestrans are like your typical Anglo-Saxon medieval warrior peoples

The most familiar of the three continents, Thestra is modeled on a Northern European high fantasy theme reminiscent of classic Dungeons and Dragons and Tolkien-esque lore. Its inhabitants are likewise similar to the kind of beings we've become accustomed to in other MMOs.

  • Thestran - A Human race resembling Northern Europeans, the Thestrans are the dominant race of their continent. Their capital city is called New Targonor.
  • High Elves - These arrogant off-shoots of the ancient Elven lineage are said to have undergone a great calamity in which the ocean swallowed their city of Leth Verael. They have since resettled in their new capital city of Leth Nurae.
  • Dwarves - Worshipping finely crafted metalwork and ale, these stubby yet sturdy folk inhabit Bordinar's Cleft, a city carved out of the Widow's Veil Mountains.
  • Lesser Giants - Towering over every other race in Vanguard, Lesser Giants are 8 to 9 feet tall. Also known as Half-Giants, these lumbering brutes are said to be the result of a rather grotesque Human/Giant union during the Orc War.
  • Varanjar - Tribal barbarians living side by side with the Lesser Giants in the Highlands area, Varanjar shun the more urban regions of Thestra.
  • Halflings - These Hobbit-like beings dwell in Rindol Field after being driven from their original home of Willowroot.
  • Vulmane - The xenophobic tribes of the Vulmane look like wolfmen and bear many of the savage customs of their lupine ancestry. They have settled in the Northern Plains of Thestra after fleeing their forest homes during the Undead Invasion.