Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Special Report (Day 1)

Just one of the species of humans on Qalia, these are the Mordebi

A barren, arid continent with a Middle-Eastern/Arabian Nights theme, this area is the punishing home of only the toughest races willing to sacrifice cool comfort for the chance to carve out a living here.

  • Qaliathari - Once masters of a great Human empire, the Qaliathari are light-skinned inhabitants of their new capital city of Ahgram.
  • Mordebi - United with the Qaliathari after the cataclysm called the Breaking crushed both of their once-great empires, the Mordebi are dark-skinned Humans.
  • Dark Elves - Distrustful and (some say) evil, the Dark Elves make their home deep within the earth... or at least, they used to until they were sent fleeing in terror from their catacombs beneath Mount Stiirhad by marauding Elementals. It is now thought that they dwell in a city known as Hathor Zhi.
  • Gnomes - Based in the cavernous underground city of Mekalia, the Gnomes are a tiny yet clever race of tinkerers and inventors.
  • Kurashasa - Like great cats that walk on two legs, the Kurashasa (or Kura) come from an extra-dimensional plane linked to Qalia.
  • Varathari - Another Human species, the Varathari are thick, tribal barbarians that make their home on the plains and savannahs of Lomshir.