Valve sets the rumour mill in motion with new "Neon Prime" trademark

Gordon Freeman
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Valve has registered a trademark for something called “Neon Prime”, and fans are weighing in on what they think it means.

As spotted by Twitter user Gabe Follower, Valve submitted the trademark application for Neon Prime on October 10. According to the document, it’s filed under the following categories, “computer game software, electronic game software, video game software, computer game programs downloadable via the internet.” At the time of writing, the application has been accepted but not assigned to an examiner, so the trademark hasn’t yet been granted.  

We’ve not got much to go on, but Valve’s actions have certainly set the rumour mill in motion. In a discussion on Reddit, one user said, "It sounds like this could be a new game”. If so, it’ll be the first release from Valve we’ve seen since Half-Life: Alyx, the company’s flagship VR title, which launched back in 2020. Another user wrote, “Hopefully, a new game in a new genre, I would love to see Valve continue to expand their offerings.”

Other Valve fans seem to think the trademark is related to prime status in CS:GO. “They already have Prime matchmaking for CSGO, it could be a new version of that,” says one user. Although they’re not entirely convinced, adding, “Neon Prime would be a weird name for a matchmaking system.”

Over on Twitter, one user thinks Valve has an entirely different vision for Neon Prime, claiming that the company is planning to launch its own version of Game Pass. 

At this point, it’s all just pure speculation, and it’s best to wait for official word from Valve before getting your hopes up too high for a brand-new game release.

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