Valve fan pitches Half-Life 3 to Valve, gets shut down. Totally worth it though

It was always going to happen. A fan has used Steam's new Greenlight feature to pitch Half-Life 3 to Valve. That's pretty funny. Perhaps not quite so funny considering Valve have already said they expected someone to do it, but hey, it's always fun to see someone say 'sod it' to their community reputation and just go ahead and do something mega-daft.

Above: Oh, Half-Life 3! Valve totally haven't thought of making that

Steam Greenlight is intended to give developers the chance to put their games, ideas and assets up for the community to evaluate and give feedback on, in the hope that new projects will be deemed strong enough to be published on Steam. That's where jokester Sz|Caidus has suggested a game called Half-Life 3.

Unfortunately, the proposal (after being 'heartily laughed at' as promised, no doubt) was taken down leaving no trace that it ever existed. But it is funny, if only because it makes us wonder how much longer we can possibly wait before the real Half-Life 3 gets announced. We've had alleged artwork from Half-Life 2: Episode 3 and so many rumours we've been able to make an entire article out of them. At this rate we'll be telling our great-grandchildren about the two great sequels that never happened: Shenmue III and Half-Life 3. Before all the videogames were sacrificed to the great lizardmen overlords, of course.

Source: NowGamer

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