Valheim hits PC Game Pass in 2022 and Xbox in 2023

The viking survival game is getting a Valheim Game Pass release  on PC sometime this Fall, with a release on Xbox Game Pass to follow in Spring 2023.

Developer Iron Gate and publisher Coffee Stain revealed the news during today's extended Xbox/Bethesda showcase, though technically the PC Game Pass release was sneakily revealed during this past weekend's show. This will mark Valheim's transition onto consoles, opening up the punishing, yet surprisingly tranquil experience to a whole new audience. Even still, the developers haven't revealed when the game will leave early access and get a full launch, but it's possible the timing will line up with its launch on Game Pass.

Probably one of the first thoughts that comes to mind upon hearing Valheim going multiplatform is whether crossplay will be supported, and thankfully Coffee Stain has confirmed that "there will be full crossplay support between Xbox, Microsoft and Steam." That means no matter what platform you're playing on, you'll have the entire pool of Valheim players to join you on your adventure.

Though there's still no release date, Valheim's upcoming Mistlands update is set to shake up the game in a number of big ways. First and foremost, it'll add the game's first new biome since it launched into early access back in February 2021. Naturally, a new biome means new creatures to tame and a new boss encounter to prepare for, but the update will also bring new weapons, traps, forges, and more.

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Jordan Gerblick

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