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UPDATE Being Human USA

Following the news that SyFy has commissioned a US version of Being Human SFX emailed the show’s creator Toby Whithouse for his response. Here’s what he had to say:

“I'm really pleased there's going to be a US version of the show. The way these things work though, I have no idea what they're planning for the series. It could end up being about giant mice living on the moon. I don't know. I don't feel any sense of rancour about this. It's the nature of the system we've entered into. And SyFy has a better understanding of the US marketplace, so is in a better position to determine what will work and what won't. My priority always has been and always will be the UK version.

“A lot of Being Human fans have already voiced misgivings about a US version, and it's fair to say that UK formats have met with... mixed success when transposed to the States. But every single significant step in the life of Being Human has been either fraught or needlessly worried over. When we moved from pilot to series, the notion of recasting Mitchell, Annie and Herrick was met with wails of despair. As it turned out, all three new cast members delivered extraordinary performances and now it's impossible to imagine those parts being played by anyone else. So who knows, in a year from now, we might be rhapsodising about the US version and toasting its staggering success. Obviously I'll be sitting on my yacht, but I'll be with you in spirit.

“Also, whatever happens in America, it doesn't have a backwards effect. The UK version won't be affected an iota. Expanding the Being Human world can only be a good thing. If the US version is a success it might inspire its audience to seek out the original version.
So I'm going to approach it with a completely open mind and watch it as if I were watching a brand new show with a brand new format.”

Cheers Toby!

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