Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code - Character 101

The Mercenary is Untold Legends' answer to that eternal, fantasy hack-and-slasher question, "Hey, where's the gorgeous babe who trots around in skimpy battle armor and slings around a massive, bladed weapon as if it were made of styrofoam?"

So clearly, most fellows will agree thatif you have to stare at a character onscreen for 15 or more hours, you could choose a worse target than the Merc. However, she's not just a looker; this Amazon is arguably the most well-rounded character in the game(feel free to insert your favorite "...and her abilities aren't bad either! Zing!" joke here).

The Merc's average speed makes her faster than the Guardian, but still far from the quickest character in the game. Also, while she could easily be mistaken for a dominatrix in her church clothes, the Merc's supple, feminine form can neither dish out nor absorb physical punishment to the vast degree that the Guardian can.

That said, the Merc still hews her fair share of enemies to bits and breaks more than just their hearts. She spins a dual-sided poleaxe in wide swaths, and her long-range weapon is a device that spits rotary saw blades,something that can obviously go a long way toward clearing your path. Like all of the warriors, the Mercenary has a beast form. Hers is a sort of lithe, cat-dog hybrid, shown here with a mischievous grin.

However, when the fur really starts flying, wise players will learn to fall back on the Mercenary's fiery assortment of magical spells and abilities. She can send flaming or electrified saw blades tearing into enemy gullets, create a spinning ring of firearound herself or channel the power of the sun into a searing ray of white-hot, burning-holes-in-flesh-iness. She also has some poison attacks, but those appear to be one of her slower killing methods.