Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code - Character 101

Get that "are you selling cookies?" joke out of the way now, because if this teeny titan hears it, she's liable to put a crossbow bolt through your jaw. The swiftest and most fragile of the playable characters - after all, she is technically a little girl - the Scout is nonetheless a death-dealing machine. Not the kind of pre-teen you'd want to mess with if she were babysitting for you.

The Scout's speed, coupled with twin daggers, make her something like a circular saw in physical battle. Her attacks don't do a great deal of damage - again, she's a little girl - but she makes up for it by dealing them out fast and furiously. It also doesn't hurt that her flurried strikes can cause extra bleeding damage or sap a victim's life force directly.

Still, the Scout's greatest strength is her devastating arsenal of long-range destructo-blasts, administered in rapid succession via an over-sized crossbow called an arbalest. She has a wide range of power-ups for this dag-nasty dart shooter: rapid-fire, freezing shots, or toxic bolts that also drive an enemy to attack friend and foe. She almost doesn't even need a beast form, but she's naturally got one anyway.

The scout even wields some unusual magic; she can call in a plague of flesh-eating insects, force enemies to spout gold every time they're hit, and even create a doppelganger - so she's actually a twin terror. With a range of abilities such as this, the scout obviously requires a bit of strategy to reach her full potential, but you can't say she isn't versatile.

Eric Bratcher
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