Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code - Character 101

Here's one for the ladies; a mysterious, fully-ripped hunk whose assassin roots give him that bad boy edge. Of course, the fellas like him, too: who wouldn't want to be a muscular, acrobatic stud with smooth, deadly moves and multiple giant, razor-sharp swords jutting out of each wrist?

As one might expect from such a well-armed (pun not entirely intended) character, the Prowler is all about getting right up on his enemies and slicing and dicing them with breathtaking efficiency and grace. In fact, he's arguably better suited for physical combat than even the Guardian, thanks to his speed and fluid combos.

Of course, specializing in one discipline often comes with a cost. In the case of the Prowler, it's his long-range attack. Delivered via his cesta, a device that looks like nothing so much as a jai-alai racket, the Prowler's projectiles just don't have the bang that pretty much every other character's deliver. Then again, he does still have his beast form, as well as a boatload of lightning magic (chain lightning rocks), complemented by a few fire and ice spells.

But it's really all about the giant sword arms. Never forget the giant sword arms.