Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code - Character 101

Ah, the Disciple. He might have had it rough during gym class when he was a kid, but bullies taunting this plus-sized sorcerer today will likely find themselves fending off all manner of elementally-themed, magical kick-sauce. In fact, the Disciple is a bit of a sorcerous linguist: he knows how to say "your ass is mine" in all five mystic disciplines: fire, ice, electricity, poison, and the dark-themed "shadow".

For example: the Disciple can freeze you in place with a shotgun blast of frigid ice, transform into a ball of flame and literallybowl right into you and absorb your life directly with a shadow spell. As a final touch, he'll then sit laughing as you wake up and take a swing, only to find yourself sizzled by a zillion-volt lightning bolt when you connect. If you're still alive, he charms you and makes you defend him against your buddies. He's tough.

By the way, yes - that did say "shotgun blast" up there. The Disciple's shotgun is a little short-range, but there's no denying its effectiveness. He isn't strong enough to deal huge physical damage, but he carries a bladed club that can nonetheless carve a target a new smile when he's close enough. Combine that with a hefty beast form (quick tip: learn the Howl ability and get ready for varying results), and you have a mage who excels at ranged combat and crowd control, but who's no slouch when things get up close and physical.

Eric Bratcher
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