Untitled Goose Game demade in PS1-era graphics is honking brilliant

There's something about PS1-era visuals that make a game like Untitled Goose Game even more rollicking and chaotic. The awkward expression and body language held by the titular bird's victim and the muted sounds of rustling leaves as the goose steals a rake highlight the absurd playfulness at the game's core. Indie game developer Narayana Walters' Untitled Goose Game demake is only 20 seconds long, but if it were a trailer I'd buy the full game.

If you were gaming a lot around 1999, you might recognize the narration toward the end of the video, which Walters' edited from a very old Dino Crisis commercial. It's details like the PS1 logo and sounds book-ending the video that make the whole thing so authentically PS1.

Walters says the demake took about 20 hours to make and was inspired by another popular animator, 98DEMAKE.

Untitled Goose Game honked its way onto the scene a couple months back, capturing the hearts and attention of indie fans and anyone with an appreciation for debauchery. The honking howl has made its way into a number of popular games, taken on the form of Resident Evil 2's horrifying Mr. X, and even won itself a Golden Joystick award. Given it's only been out since September, it's doubtful that Walters' demake will be the last project inspired by Untitled Goose Game.

Untitled Goose Game won't break the bank, but every dollar counts with so many great games on the market. Keep up with the best Black Friday game deals to catch up on 2019's best games without having to take out a loan.

Jordan Gerblick

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