What's scarier than Resident Evil 2's Mr X? A Mr X that looks like the goose from Untitled Goose Game

(Image credit: @xZombieAlix | Capcom | House House)

We've seen a lot of terrifying things come out of the PC modding community lately – for starters, we've seen Thomas the Tank Engine replace not one but two terrifying bosses in both Sekiro and Resident Evil 2 Remake – but now, it really feels like things have gone too far. 

As spotted by Destructoid, modder ZombieAli – the same twisted soul who brought us the nightmare mash-up of Thomas and Mr X – has announced their next hideous experiment brings one of gaming's most terrifying characters to Resident Evil 2 on PC: the goose from Untitled Goose Game

As yet there's no formal release date so we cannot try the mod out for ourselves (which is probably just as well, tbh), but ZombieAli shared a sneak peek of that agitated Anatidae in action. Brace yourself:

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"Yes the final version will include extra HONKS", ZombieAli assures us, before adding: "And yes he's keeping the Fedora because he is just so fancy like that."

As for that train? He's been modded into so many games at this point he’s unstoppable. From making a nightmarish appearance in Resident Evil 2 by replacing Mr. X to becoming a horse in Breath of the Wild, Thomas' terrifying visage sadly doesn't show signs of disappearing anytime soon. 

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