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Until Dawn collectibles and totem locations

Until Dawn clue collectibles and totem locations

If you’re diving into this nail-biting horror narrative game, you’ll want to make sure you nab all of the Until Dawn collectibles and totems. With the game now on PS5 as part of the PS Plus Collection Games, there’s never been a better time to attempt to keep Oscar-winner Rami Malek alive in a world full of horrors. In Until Dawn there are plenty of collectibles littered around this creepy mountain-top setting, and finding them will help solve various cluelines. Totems are especially valuable giving players a brief glimpse of the future that could potentially save a character from death. These vital trinkets are easily missed, so make sure to stick to this Until Dawn clue collectible guide in order to help your characters survive the night. 

Note: You'll receive multiple chances to explore certain areas, but this guide lists the first opportunities.

Until Dawn Prologue

Black Totem #1

Found while Beth searches for Hannah in the woods. You can't miss it.

Until Dawn Chapter 1

Yellow Totem #1

You'll pick this up as part of the tutorial with Sam.

Mystery Man Clue #1: Wanted Poster

Tacked to the side of the cable car station. Take a peek when you head around back with Chris.

Until Dawn Chapter 2

Yellow Totem #2

When you assume control of Chris outside the lodge, walk toward the camera. You'll find this on the ground next to Matt.

Mystery Man Clue #4: Axe Holder

When looking for a way into the lodge, check near the windows around back to find this.

Brown Totem #1

Found inside the garage after Josh gives Chris the lighter. Walk forward to find it on the ground.

Mystery Man Clue #2: Newspaper Fragment

Enter the doorway on the left side of the same garage to find the scrap on a shelf.

Twins Clue #4: Family Portrait

In the hallway after exiting the garage. You can't miss it.

Mystery Man Clue #3: Answerphone Message

When you reach the darkened living room, head to the opposite side from where you enter. In the small dining room is a phone. Click it to hear the message.

Twins Clue #3: Prom Night Photo

There are several more clues in the area. Exit the dining room and hang a right. This is on a table next to some closed double doors.

Twins Clue #2: Beach Photo

Now head down the staircase in the centre to find this on a table next to the locked cinema room doors.

Twins Clue #1: Film Trophy

Head up the staircase and check the right side of the balcony overlooking the dining room entrance. You'll find this on a shelf.

Red Totem #1

Found by the generator while Mike and Jessica head to the guest cabin. It's in the snow right by the door.

White Totem #1

After the stopping the runaway mine cart, head right at the fork. You'll find this on the ground by some rubble.

Mystery Man Clue #5: Cigar Stub

A beam will fall during as you ascend some makeshift stairs later in the mine. Take a right at the top to find this atop a drum.

Mystery Man Clue #6: Mystical Symbol

In the same little area, you can find this on the rear wall.

1952 Clue #1: Mine Danger Map

Check atop this table a bit further into the mine.

Brown Totem #2

When you emerge from the mine, hang a left and follow the path back to the fallen tree that was blocking the way. There's a totem in the snow here.

Mystery Man Clue #8: Postcard

When you assume control of Sam just before her bath, exit the bathroom and hang a right. This path leads into Hannah's bedroom, where you'll find this clue atop a nightstand near the bed.

Twins Clue #5: Tattoo Card

On the dresser opposite the bed.

Twins Clue #6: Compatibility Test

Check the closet in the same room to find this scrap on the ground inside.

Until Dawn Chapter 3

Red Totem #2

When you resume control of Mike, you'll be near this frozen truck. Make a left to find a totem at the end of the path.

Yellow Totem #3

Found after Jessica scares Mike. It'll be close by, in the snow.

1952 Clue #2: Old Mask

You'll pass by this little shack on the path to the cabin. Pop inside to find the clue on a shelf.

Mystery Man Clue #7: Native American Book

At the cabin, check the small nightstand in the northeast corner of the room to find this book. Be sure to flip the page to get all the pertinent information.

Twins Clue #7: Tennis Photo

Check the hallway to find this atop some furniture.

Twins Clue #9: Hannah's Glasses Case

When you first take control of Ashley after the séance, head opposite the stairs, down the hall. This clue is sitting on a desk near the bookshelf.

Mystery Man Clue #10: Light from Below

Now head down the stairs. In the next room is a grate you can lift to spot this.

Twins Clue #8: Portrait Photo & Mystery Man Clue #9: Threatening Letter

You'll find this in the secret room behind the bookshelf - it's part of the story.

Mystery Man Clue #11: Native American Letter

After checking out the secret room behind the bookshelf, you'll head down a fairly long hallway. Take a left at the end to find this letter on a desk - be sure to flip it over.

Until Dawn Chapter 4

Yellow Totem #4

Found while Mike chases after Jessica. When you reach the abandoned mine building, you can see it on the ground at the base of the staircase.

Mystery Man Clue #15: Pig's Head

Found when searching for Ashley with Chris. When you head outside toward the shed, take a left when path splits. Down this end you'll the severed head (yuck) by a tree.

Black Totem #4

Right near to the Pig's Head, in the snow.

Brown Totem #3

Continue up the path toward the shed, but head around back when you reach it. This is in the snow in the dark rear corner of the area.

Until Dawn Chapter 5

White Totem #2

When you start with Mike in the sanatorium courtyard, check by the main gate. You'll find this in the snow in front of it.

Brown Totem #4

Before you enter the sanatorium proper, check the metal panel you saw in the cut scene with the mystery man and his wolves. Slide it to enter a small basement area, where you'll have to push a drum to access a walkway. In the alcove with the drum is this totem.

1952 Clue #3: Administration Notes

Inside the sanatorium, head north from the front door to find this atop a hearth.

1952 Clue #6: Clocking-In Cards

When you head into the admin wing, take an immediate left. In this little mail room is a safe you wedge open with the plank on the ground. You'll find these inside.

1952 Clue #4: Broken Camera

Pop out of the mail room and keep to the left. You'll find the clue atop a filing cabinet in an otherwise empty room.

1952 Clue #8: Old Newspaper

Continue forward spot some stairs down to the morgue. Stay on this floor for now and head south to reach a decrepit office. This clue sits on the desk inside.

1952 Clue #5: Medical Notes

Just before heading down the morgue stairs, you can duck through a doorway on the right. Inside this little room, you'll find the clue atop a workbench.

1952 Clue #9: Restraining Chair

Down into the morgue, Mike will acquire a machete. Immediately after, head south to find a green curtain. Approach it and part the sheets to view this clue on the other side.

1952 Clue #10: Telegram about Miners

On the other end of this floor are two doorways. Head under the right one to enter a small office, where you'll find this clue atop a tiny desk.

1952 Clue #12: Strange Skull

In the room immediately beyond the bear trap, there's a shelf to your right. Check it to find this.

1952 Clue #13: Death Certificate

Along the wall opposite the Strange Skull are two cold chambers you can slide open. Check the right one to find this inside.

1952 Clue #11: Name Tag

Along the other cold chamber wall is another door you can open. Slide out the bed on the other side to find this.

Mystery Man Clue #12: Cigar Box

When you enter the sanatorium chapel, check in the middle of the room to find this atop a drum.

Mystery Man Clue #13: Clippings Wall

In the same room, check the right side to find a large corkboard. Examine it to register the clue.

Black Totem #3

When you leave the chapel with your new pistol, you'll reach this formidable staircase. Check the back left corner of the room before descending, and you'll find another totem.

1952 Clue #7: Mine Rescue Photo

In the back right of the same room is a picture frame, pick it up to view this on side that as facing the ground.

Black Totem #2

After the sanatorium bit, you'll take control of Matt near the cable car station. Check by the benches where Mike and Jessica had their snowball fight to find this.

Mystery Man Clue #16: Axe

You'll find this by default a moment later - it's been implanted in the wall at the station.

Yellow Totem #5

After shimmying around the edge of the station, check the ground nearby to find this.

Twins Clue #10: Beth's Phone

You'll cross a walkway just before reaching the top of the hill. Take a left at the fork to find this covered bridge. Check the loose planks inside to find this.

White Totem #3

Back at the fork, check the ground near the small cluster of trees to find this.

Mystery Man Clue #14: Business Card

Once you resume control of Sam after her bath, follow the balloons down to the main floor. Head toward the garage, then hang a right toward the door Chris opened earlier with his light-and-deodorant torch. On a table near the window is this clue.

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