Until Dawn collectibles and totem locations

Until Dawn Chapter 6

Yellow Totem #6

The final yellow totem is found when you take control of Emily. It's in the snow directly in front of the fire tower.

Twins Clue #11: Hannah's Poster

Found inside the fire tower proper. Open the locker on the top floor to see it.

Twins Clue #12: Beth's Poster

Once you restore power, use the printer in the same room to acquire another "missing" poster.

Mystery Man Clue #17: Hidden Camera

Found after examining the dollhouse in the basement. When the door opens, make an immediate right and part the boxes to find it.

Mystery Man Clue #19: Lightbulb Catalogue

In the same room as the Hidden Camera. It's on the workbench right nearby - be sure to flip through the pages.

Mystery Man Clue #18: Faked Newspapers

This clue is found in the old hotel under the lodge. While exploring, use these two broken columns as a landmark. When you see them, check the back right corner behind them to find the shipment of papers.

Mystery Man Clue #20: Batteries and Timers

This one's hard to miss. Just after the Faked Newspapers, you'll round some corners and head down some stairs. These will show up in the foreground, easily visible, when you do.

Mystery Man Clue #21: Dead Pig

While exploring the old hotel under the lodge, you'll the kitchen through big double doors. Check near the grills to find this poor guy hanging on a chain.

Mystery Man Clue #22: Photos of Friends

Found in the same kitchen. Check the wall opposite the double doors to find these tacked onto a board.

Mystery Man Clue #23: Hooks and Chains

Also found in the hotel kitchen. These are hanging above the sink, so give them a good look.

Until Dawn Chapter 7

Mystery Man Clue #26: Death Machine Plans

You'll start out inside the psycho's workshop with Sam. Go off screen to the right to find some plans tacked onto a board. Lift the corner to find the clue underneath.

Mystery Man Clue #30: Psychiatric Report

Check the nearby desk to find this in the drawer.

Mystery Man Clue #27: Josh's Cellphone

Found on the shelf across from the desk.

Mystery Man Clue #28: Remembrance Board

On the other side of the shelf. Walk around and push the boxes aside to view it.

Mystery Man Clue #29: Voice Recordings

When you leave the workshop, you'll have a chance to peer through a windowed door at the psycho. In the same area is a short set of steps. Walk past them to find a tape recorder on a table, then press the play button to listen.

Mystery Man Clue #24: Video Camera

On the other side of some double doors. You can't miss it.

Mystery Man Clue #25: Dummy in Sam's Clothes

Right next to the camera.

At this point you will earn the You Opened Their Eyes trophy.

1952 Clue #15: Miner Photo

Found by Emily in the mines. There's a quick puzzle which involves pushing a mine cart through some locked doors, but check the green trunk near the cart first to find this inside.

1952 Clue #14: Clocking-In Machine

Now send that mine cart flying threw those wooden doors. In the room beyond, check along the northeastern wall to find this device.

Black Totem #5

In the same room, head for the southeast corner and continue past the ladder. You'll find the totem on the ground at the back of the collapsed tunnel.

1952 Clue #16: Miner's Family Photo

After sliding into the tunnel with all the skeletons, bust through the wooden planks and make a U-turn to your right. Inside this little grotto is a box you can open to find the photo inside.

Red Totem #3

After restoring power to the lift, descend from walkway and pick this up before exiting through the wooden doorway.

Twins Clue #13: Hannah's Glasses

When you reach the steep, snowy cliff she can't climb, check the ground near this wooden structure to find these.

Twins Clue #17: Tattoo Photo

Check the drums opposite Hannah's Glasses to find this.

Twins Clue #15: Marks on the Rock

Just left of Hannah's Glasses. Move the metal sheets out of the way to reveal it.

Twins Clue #16: Beth's Cross

Move up the path. If you turn right at the first opportunity, you'll find this on the ground.

Twins Clue #14: Hannah's Locket

Continue to the end of the path to find a drum. The locket sits atop it - shake to open.

Twins Clue #18: Beth's Head

This rather morbid clue is found right after you move the fencing. Head southeast, and you'll see it creep into frame.

Until Dawn Chapter 8

1952 Clue #17: Romantic Postcard

When you resume control of Emily in the mines, duck into this little shack to find the clue inside.

White Totem #4

After dropping to a lower tunnel, look along the wooden structures on the right to spot this.

1952 Clue #18, #19, #20, #21, & #22: Intro, Cannibalism, History, Combat, & Bite

These are all acquired as part of the story, when Ashley reads the Flamethrower Man's journal. Flip through all the pages - flip to the left first! - to get every clue.

Until Dawn Chapter 9

Red Totem #4

You can get this upon Mike's return to the sanatorium chapel. Check the northwest corner of the room for a new door you can head through, and you'll see this to the left in the new room.

1952 Clue #23: Makeshift Graveyard

Now step outside, and you'll see a bunch of crosses in the snow. Analyse them for this clue.

1952 Clue #24: Doctor's Report

When you go down the first set of steps in the psych ward, duck left into a small room by a "detention" sign. This clue is atop a desk inside.

1952 Clue #25: Old Film Reel

You'll seen see a sign that reads "B Wing." Turn south, follow the hall, and enter the first door on the right. Activate the projector in here and watch the short film to earn this clue.

1952 Clue #27: Case Study Dossier

Further down the hall from the Old Film Reel is a doctor's office. Check the desk drawer in here to find a folder inside, then flip through it.

1952 Clue #26: Suicide Note

Now check the wooden slats with light shining through on the northern wall. Push through this, then shoot the lock in the next room. Beyond, you'll find the body of Jefferson Bragg, the former head of this sanatorium, clutching a note. Grab it and read it to earn the final 1952 clue.

At this point you will earn the Fateful Descent trophy.

Red Totem #5

Found by Ashley at the beginning of the tunnels. Duck into this little alcove on the left when you see it. The totem is on the ground here.

Brown Totem #5

Shortly after, you'll have a choice to investigate a voice or stick with the group. Follow the voice and bear left to find this totem on the ground at the end of a dark path.

Black Totem #6

After Sam climbs the rock wall away from the group, look for this set of stairs in the next little cave. Follow these, ignore the turn in the fork, and keep going up the walkway. The last black totem is in a little cavern up the following set of stairs.

Until Dawn Chapter 10

White Totem #5

When Sam and Mike head for the heart of the mines, stop when you reach water. There's a totem on the ground by the fencing.

Twins Clue #19: Beth's Watch

Before you drop into the water, follow the path to the left. Over here is a dug-up grave you can pull the watch from.

Twins Clue #20: Scrawled Journal

Drop into the water and move along the left wall to reach another ledge.

At this point you will earn the Tale of The Two Sisters trophy.

White Totem #6

This is found when Josh and Mike exit the mines. There's a fork near the beginning of the section, so turn left to find this on the ground by a shaft of light.

Brown Totem #6

Found when Matt and Jessica meet in the mines. Follow the path until you see mine cart tracks, then walk toward the camera. When your view changes, you'll see this totem on the ground.

Red Totem #6

When Sam emerges from the mines, keep right along the snowy split path. Just before the two sides meet, you can find this final collectible by a tree.

At this point you will earn the Night of the Totem Hunter trophy - congratulations, you've found every collectible in Until Dawn!

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