Unlike The Sims, Life by You is absolutely pro-nudity

Life by You
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Life by You, the upcoming life simulator taking on The Sims, will feature toggleable nudity out of the box, at least partly because the game's developers are European.

"We're a European company," creative lead Rod Humble told Axios. “Our hang-ups are all around violence. This game’s got no violence. But it does come with nudity." The nudity will be off by default, but unlike The Sims and its never-nude mosaic blur, you will have the option of seeing the full monty of your digital people without resorting to mods.

It seems that Life by You aims to move in a more adult direction than The Sims in general, as Humble said that "I wanted the emotional center of this game to be more grown up and respect the audience's intelligence." One thing the devs are undecided on including in the game is abortion, as the team is collectively trying to "decide how women's health and abortion rights should be represented in the game."

Whatever's in Life by You with its Early Access launch on September 12, the game is aiming to be extremely moddable, and will have an impressive host of in-game tools to customize your experience, too. You'll be able to create custom careers for your characters, and options will even exist to let you turn some of The Sims' wildest community challenges into quests with in-game rewards.

Options for games like The Sims have been thin, but Life by You aims to change that long before The Sims 5 - or rather, Project Rene - hits the market.

Dustin Bailey
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