5 Universal franchises that should be turned into Lego movies immediately

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The Lego movies surprised everyone with their lovable plotlines, endless dad jokes, and next-level animation, and now our plastic yellow pals have found a new home. 

After Warner Bros.’ deal with the toy company expired in late 2019, Universal swooped in for a steal. The Hollywood Reporter has since confirmed that the studio has signed a five year deal with Lego, opening up hundreds of possibilities for new movies with Universal-owned titles. 

Chairman of the studio, Donna Langley, said in their statement, “To partner with such an iconic brand that remains relevant and is constantly evolving allows for creativity in storytelling. We’re thrilled to start building out the next chapter of Lego movies together as they continue to inspire curiosity and innovation.”

The success of The Lego Movie, it’s sequel, and The Lego Batman Movie no doubt have Universal scrambling through their catalogue for the next hit. So, if any of their writers happen to be reading this, let us help you out a little. Here are five of the best Universal properties we think should be Legofied next…

James Bond

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The iconic British agent has more than enough material in his near-60 year history to play with – in brick form, of course. The previous Lego movies managed to find some wholesome humour in DC’s Dark Knight, and the same could definitely come from Bond. Give the spy some world-spanning missions, heck, even send him to another dimension to save the Queen – if you can dream it then it can be made with Lego. There are plenty of memorable villains to choose from, too, and an animated Bond villain team-up could be a real riot. Lastly, if characters continue to crossover into each other's worlds then let James Bond drive the Batmobile, you cowards!

Jurassic Park

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The Lego: Jurassic World video game, which adapts the plots of the first four beloved movies, already exists – so why not expand that into cinemas? Though Chris Pratt is taken in the Lego Cinematic Universe (LCU?) as Emmett, there’s no reason Universal can’t dream up some new protagonists for another dino adventure. Jeff Goldblum would no doubt jump at the chance if they gave him a call, because who wouldn’t want to be immortalised as an iconic little yellow man? Just imagine it: a park full of Lego dinosaurs, rampaging across Lego mountains, getting their Lego revenge on humanity. We want to see it!

The Fast & The Furious

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The long-standing Fast & Furious franchise is all about fast cars and found family. Which would make this Lego-fied adventure perfect for a family trip to the movies. We already know just how cool a car chase scene looks thanks to The Lego Movie, but there is no doubt Hobbs and Shaw could show them all up. The series has already teased us with sending Dom and the crew to space – if it doesn't happen in the live-action movies, then let's make it happen in Lego form!

The Mummy

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We’re not talking about the failed start to the Dark Universe starring Tom Cruise; we want Brendan Fraser, floppy hair, and goofy adventures dammit! The 1999 classic is more than deserving of a Lego movie revamp, and the beloved plastic pieces would build a mean pyramid. The swashbuckling adventurer Rick O'Connell could have some fine adventures, and there is plenty to play with in terms of some slapstick practical comedy. Now, imagine if Rick met Bond on a mission to a pharaoh's tomb... and then they bump into Dracula. Anyone else suddenly need the Dark Yellow Universe in their lives?

Back to The Future

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This cinematic legend is already a toe-tapping stage musical, so it only seems natural that it should be turned into toy form on the big screen. The time-travelling adventure would give ample opportunity for more universe crossovers, as the pimped-out Delorean could take Marty and Doc quite literally anywhere. Maybe even make the whole thing a musical. The material's already out there, for heaven's sake – the movie writes itself.

While we wait for Universal to announce their first Lego-fied project, get creative with your own and check out the best Lego sets of the past year.

Millicent Thomas

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