Undertale's Sans wins Tumblr Sexyman poll, inspiring Toby Fox to write the event's lore

SexymanOTD via Twitter
(Image credit: SexymanOTD via Twitter)

Undertale's Sans beat Reigan Arataka from the anime Mob Psycho 100 in a Tumblr Sexyman poll, and Undertale creator Toby Fox wrote lore for the event as a result.

Still with us? Fantastic. Look, this one's going to get weird. Like, really weird, so just stick with us. Earlier this week, the Twitter user seen below, appropriately called "Tumblr Sexyman OTD," kicked off the "semi-annual sexy man showdown", starring characters from across games, anime, movies, TV, and more.

Notable entrees included Alfred Molina's Doc Ock, Overwatch's Junkrat, Undertale's Sans, Marvel's Loki, Minecraft's Herobrine, and for some godforsaken reason, King Dice from Cuphead. 

Voting via Twitter polls quickly got underway, with Sans dominating Junkrat with a decisive victory and Wheatley beating Doc Ock (You let Alfred Molina get beaten out by a sentient blob? Stephen Merchant's voice notwithstanding, this is embarrassing).

Anyway, Reigan overcame all versions of Beetlejuice, and both advanced to the next round. This time, Sans had yet another massive W against Black Hat, and Reigan was up against Minecraft's Herobrine, which he thankfully overcame.

Onto round three, where Sans mercifully defeated King Dice, and Reigan beat Spamton from Deltarune. Phew, it's good that we didn't have an Undertale versus Deltarune final in the semi-annual Tumblr Sexyman poll. 

Then, finally, it was time for the grand final of the Tumblr Sexyman poll. With Sans Undertale vs known-chancer Arataka Reigan, voting was excruciatingly close, but the former just outshone the latter by .1 percent of the vote, taking the crown for the Semi-Annual Tumbly Sexyman competition.

You'd be forgiven for assuming this rollercoaster stops there, but we've got one final trip to make. For lo and behold, who should appear in the comments underneath the celebratory announcement for Sans' win but Toby Fox himself, director and composer of Undertale and Deltarune!

Yes, Undertale's famed creator has dipped back onto Twitter momentarily to chronicle this defeat of Reigan Arataka at the hands of Sans Undertale. No, Toby Fox won't respond to his music being played in front of the Pope, but he will respond to one of his characters winning an internet pole for who's the sexiest man of 2022.

And with that, Toby Fox rides off into the sunset once more, returning to work on Deltarune Chapter 3, while the Tumblr Sexyman competition crowns another winner for 2022. What an adventure it's been.

If you still want to comprehend the English language after that, please continue to our new games 2022 guide for a full list of new titles on the near horizon. 

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