Uncharted stars Nolan North and Emily Rose are this year's Golden Joystick Awards hosts

Uncharted 4
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We're delighted to announce that Nolan North and Emily Rose are this year's Golden Joystick Awards hosts.

The pair, who play Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher in the Uncharted series, will be bringing you the winners of this year's virtual Golden Joystick Awards on Tuesday November 23, 1:30pm PST / 4.30pm EST / 9:30pm GMT, which will also be celebrating 50 years of gaming.

Nolan North said: "We are honored to be presenting the Golden Joystick Awards – and what a show we have lined up for you! This year’s awards celebrate 50 years of video games. So as well as all the usual fun we will also be handing out gongs for the Ultimate Game of All Time and the Best Gaming Hardware of All Time. Will it be your favorite? Tune in on November 23rd to find out."

Emily Rose said: "Join us on November 23rd to find out which games, studios, and creatives have been chosen by you – the global gaming public – as the best games of the year, as well as special awards celebrating 50 years of video games. It’s going to be a blast. Don’t miss it!"

Before the main awards show even kicks off, we've got a special pre-show that takes a look back at the past 50 years of gaming, featuring gaming luminaries such as award-winning game designer Brenda Romero and Doom co-creator John Romero, as well as EA founder Trip Hawkins.

And, to celebrate 50 years of gaming, alongside our usual fan-voted awards such as Best Storytelling, Best Studio, and Ultimate Game of the Year, there will also be two exclusive awards this year: Ultimate Game of All Time and Best Gaming Hardware of All Time. To help us celebrate this, you can expect to see a fair few special guests make an appearance throughout the show as well.

And if you're keeping your eyes open for them, make sure you keep your ears open for the exclusive debut of the music of OlliOlli World, which will be played throughout the show. Just make sure you don't have any skateboards nearby, we don't want you to instinctively start trying to kickflip while we're announcing awards... And the musical delights don't end there, as we also have a special 50 years of games special musical performance from over 20 artists as well. 

Voting has now closed for the awards, so that means you can only sit back and wait to see who will be taking home the Joysticks.

Be sure to head back to GamesRadar+ on Tuesday November 23, 1:30pm PST / 4.30pm EST / 9:30pm GMT to watch the Joysticks with us.

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