Uncharted 5 wouldn't need a new Nathan Drake, Nolan North says he's "ready to suit up"

If Sony decided to make an Uncharted 5, Nolan North would be on board. The actor behind Nathan Drake laid out his thoughts on the future of the adventuresome franchise - including its still uncertain film adaptation - in our rapid-fire video interview. He was actually there to talk about the new mobile game he co-stars in, Con Man, but we couldn't help but discuss the treasure hunter's future and he kindly obliged.

"I'm not happy that Uncharted's ended, but if they said 'Hey, we want to do Uncharted 5. Do you want to do Nathan Drake or should we ask somebody else?' I'd be like 'No, no!'" North explained. "It's very bittersweet. It was something that was very special to me. It was seriously the best job I've ever had. It opened doors, it made me a better actor. It is my big break, so to speak.

"And that's why I think the things about the films are always questionable. Because I'm an on-camera actor but possibly too old? But then they talk about Mark Wahlberg, who's about my age, and it's a complex situation. But if they were gonna do another game… I'm not gonna be the guy holding out for more, I'm the guy who's ready to suit up".

Uncharted 4 is meant to be developer Naughty Dog's final contribution to the series. But if Sony lets another studio make Uncharted 5, at least fans can be confident that Nolan North will be along for the ride.

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