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Uncharted 3's buddy system and treasure bonuses detailed in latest trailer

One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, judging by Naughty Dog's latest Buddy System and Treasures trailer. Two, however, can be as bad as one if your online ally happens to suck and/or suffer from commitment issues in the middle of a match. See for yourself why it pays to team up and track down treasures with a friend (or not) in the studio's latest multiplayer tutorial.

“The buddy system is crucial, crucial, to learn how to use,” insists Naughty Dog's Robert Cogburn, adding, “And if you party up with someone, that's a great way to roll.”

Right - until they leave you in the middle of fight to high-five it up with the next pretty young thing that happens to walk across the battlefield.

Uncharted 3's buddy system can be put to the test right now, along with other online features, during Naughty Dog's ongoing multiplayer beta promotion with Subway. Or you could always just wait the few extras week until the game's full release on November 1st in North America, and November 2nd in Europe.

Source: US PlayStation Blog

Oct 14, 2011