Uncharted 3 comes with early access to Starhawk multiplayer beta

The moment we stopped playing Uncharted 2 we knew we wanted to play Uncharted 3, so we don’t really need anything else to sell us on the game. We appreciate the collector's editions or Subway sandwiches, but if the game shipped in a dingy cardboard sleeve with a blank disc that had “Uncharted 3” written on it in marker we’d be fine. In spite of this, Sony revealed one last goodie to sell you on the game you’ve been dying to play for the last two years: early access to the Starhawk multiplayer beta.

On the PlayStation Blog today Naughty Dog’s Eric Monacelli revealed that Uncharted 3 had gone gold, meaning Naughty Dog was finished with the retail build and the code was off to be published. He then revealed that the game will receive a pass for early access to the Starhawk online beta. A follow-up to Warhawk, the public beta for the futuristic war game is planned for early 2012, and Uncharted 3 purchasers are guar teed to be one of the first in line for the action. Like we said, we didn’t need anything extra to sell us on the game, but we appreciate Sony giving us this offer nevertheless.

Oct 11, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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