Uncharted 3 Co-op Shade Survival Mode DLC release date set for next week

Naughty Dog has revealed its next Uncharted 3 multiplayer DLC, Co-op Shade Survival Mode, which is due to test the limits of players' Djinn-killing abilities next Tuesday, March 13. The online expansion will pit teams of players against the supernatural Djinn over eight rounds of fiery, Ghostrider-ish battle. See why you might want to wear an extra layer of insulation in Naughty Dog's latest trailer:

As detailed by Naughty Dog on the US PlayStation Blog, success in Co-op Shade Survival Mode will reward players with “a very sizeable amount of cash”. The DLC will also feature new medals, and various round objectives like the Marked Man, which assigns one Djinn with extra bodyguards and added protection.

Co-op Shade Survival Mode will run for $5.99, or free for Fortune Hunters' Club members. The expansion brings the total Uncharted 3 DLC count to 13, and is the second-to-last download planned for Drake's latest adventure. Sony said the final pack will be released next month.

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